Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Orange for Frankie

I raided Mom's Christmas collection and found yet another moving story from the master storyteller Patricia PolaccoAn Orange for Frankie left me spellbound.  I actually couldn't stop thinking about it throughout the rest of the day.

I don't know how many of you have seen the Waltons' Christmas movie entitled The Homecoming: A Christmas Story; it's one of those movies that's a staple around my house this time of year (again, another tradition passed down from my parents).  But for those of you who have seen the movie: you know that fuzzy feeling you get at the end when John Walton finally makes it home late Christmas Eve and everyone says good night to each other, ending with "Goodnight, John-Boy."  Well, this book conjurs up that same heart-warmness!  In fact, the story line is quite similar -- only in An Orange for Frankie all nine Stowell children eagerly await their father's return for Christmas.  However, he's delayed by a blinding snowstorm.  And the whole while we're following this story, we're also following a gripping sub-story of selfless giving.  Polacco weaves together two beautiful story lines of joy and tradition based on her own grandmother's childhood experience and enhanced by her brilliant watercolor and pencil illustrations.

So gather your family, and enjoy a touching story together.  You may even discover a new tradition for yourselves within its pages.


  1. I will have to investigate this book. Anytime anyone mentions an orange I think of my grandma on the farm in Arkansas during the Depression and all she would get is an orange. One year she got new shoes and some Chinese silk pajamas (a good year). She was so excited she thought she'd polish her shoes to make them extra shiny while she wore them with her new jammies. Can you tell where I'm headed with this?? :) Yep, she got polish all over her new jams.
    Thanks for letting me share that. :)

  2. Jenny, Thank you so much for sharing this story!