Monday, December 6, 2010

Little House in the Big Woods

We're reading out of Little House in the Big Woods right now, and I'm telling you, there's nothing like cuddling up with your kids during those cold winter evenings and reading this classic by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I distinctly remember my own mother gathering us together on cold winter nights to read (in the large print text) about the wolves howling underneath the great Minnesota winter moons, Pa's hog butchering to feed his family through the bitterest of months, and the aunts and uncles dancing at Grandpa's.

You well know this time-worn classic of a pioneer family's life.  It's time to revisit it again from the viewpoint of a parent reading it to the next generation.  And if you do decide to make it your winter tradition to read Little House in the Big Woods aloud to your family, try to check out that special large print edition!

You know, I've often wondered if the classic Little House on the Prairie series would have the same intense popularity that it does if it wasn't for Garth Williams' beloved illustrations -- the author and illustrator compliment each other so well!  I thought this quotation from the Harper Collins website was well worth repeating: Garth Williams began his work on the pictures for the Little House books by meeting Laura Ingalls Wilder at her home in Missouri, and then he traveled to the sites of all the little houses. His charming art caused Laura to remark that she and her family "live again in these illustrations."

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  1. Hi! Oh! This is one of my favorites. I didn't read the series until I was in my mid 20's. My older sister had the books but we were in love with the TV show when it was airing in the 70's. I have always loved the illustrations! And I have memories of reading them out loud to my daughter when she was only 3. I'd read 'til she fell asleep and then I would continue to read feverishly. :)