Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dave the Potter

Artist, Poet, Slave

Read Dave the Potter by Laban Carrick Hill, illustrated by Bryan Collier (c. 2010)
and discover a POWERFUL story based on none other than Dave, the potter.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Spring from Cicely Mary Barker

Happy Spring!  
from Cicely Mary Barker's "Bluebell Fairy" and "Daffodil Fairy" 
in her collection Flower Fairies of the Spring

Monday, March 5, 2012

Emily Emerson's Moon

Today, I'm going to share with you an out-of-print and hard-to-find but delightful-to-read vintage book.  If you ever see Emily Emerson's Moon (c. 1960) by Jean Merrill and Ronni Solbert at a used bookstore or yard sale, snatch it up!

from Little, Brown & Company (Canada) Limited:
Emily Emerson's father
offered her the moon,
or a piece of the Milky Way,
or even the sun.

The sun he gave her
was easy to wear
in her button hole.

But Emily wanted the moon, too.
That was harder to get.
Emily's brother didn't believe
her father could get it at all.

So in the meantime Emily's father
gave her a rainbow to tie in her hair,
and asked if a yellow balloon would do 
for a moon.

While her brother, Avery, taunts their father's inability to deliver her request, Emily continues to have faith that her father will pull through.

And in the end, Father Emerson's cleverness equally amazes Avery and Emily.

The kids and I just LOVE this delightful, rhyming story.  I don't understand why some of the best books fall into copyright conundrum.  So, if you ever spot this book, rush to purchase it without thinking twice!