Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Cow who Fell in the Canal

We visited the used bookstore last week.   You know, you've gotta start summer off on the right foot.  So when I ran across this book illustrated by Peter Spier, I had to grab it.  You just can't go wrong with Peter Spier!  He's one of our top ten illustrators. 

. . . and when we got home, the kids went wild.  They're presently arguing about who will get to keep this book in their room.  No joke!

What we have in The Cow who Fell in the Canal (c. 1957) is a charming story set in the countryside of Holland.  Phyllis Krasilovsky tells the story of Hendrika the cow, who although she loves her owner Mr. Hofstra, she longs to visit the city where Mr. Hofstra sells her milk at the market.  If Krasilovsky's text isn't humorous enough, Spier's intricate illustrations lend further description.

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  1. This is one of our favorite books. We got it at a garage sale, and it has turned out to be a hit!