Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

So you've just discovered the addition of a new nephew, niece, grandchild to the family, and you would love to give a book.  But you find yourself standing in Barnes & Noble feeling completely overwhelmed.  It's been ages, decades perhaps, since you last visited the childrens' section, and you just don't know where to begin.

You can't go wrong with We're Going on a Bear Hunt (c. 1989) retold by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.  This is the ultimate read-aloud!  And I don't make that statement lightly.  Do be forewarned that this particular book will become quite worn with love.  And the child you plan to bequeath it to will be able to repeat it scores of years later.  A terrific bonus since this same repetition encourages pre-literacy skills.  Said child will recall Oxenbury's gorgeous illustrations whenever he hears the word bear due to early childhood imprinting.  And if I haven't convinced you, take another look at Oxenbury's illustrations and/or listen to Michael Rosen's brilliantly animated YouTube performance:

The kids enjoyed this performance so much that we've played it several times over.  Michael Rosen's YouTube performance of We're Going on a Bear Hunt:


  1. Hi Emily,
    I haven't been the greatest blogger lately, but wanted to let you know that I really like your blog. This book is one of my youngest daughters' favourite books, she can hear it over and over. Thanks for the you tube link, didn't know it, keep up the good work!

  2. Yep Emily, this is a ripper, one of our faves on Planet Baby. Timeless. J x

  3. This is the first time I've ever heard of this book - my two youngest girls (9 yo and 2 yo) watched the video with me. The older of the two is having a good time re-enacting the book. I'm definitely going to be ordering this soon!

    Thank you.