Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Christmas Story

Let me start off by saying that Eloise Wilkin is one of my all-time favorite illustrators for young children.  I grew up reading and re-reading her books.  I remember studying her illustrations for hours upon hours.  I find my children doing the same. You absolutely cannot go wrong when you pick up one of her books.  If you see a Wilkin book, get it!  And if you don't want it, by all means, send - it - to - me!!  (I could easily become a hoarder in this arena.)  I mean just look at those precious faces she captures.  I could blog for months and months about specific Wilkin titles, every one of them so dear. 

However, this evening, I'm going to feature Jane Werner's narrative of The Christmas Story (c. 1952) that Wilkin illustrates.  Oh, the joy of flipping through this book.  The Nativity steps off its display and into a picture book well suited for young children.  Werner stays true to the original Biblical text, using specific quotations from scripture, in her retelling of the Jesus' immaculate birth.  Eloise Wilkin's characteristic illustrations help modern day children envision that ancient miracle.

Unfortunately, our local library doesn't have this particular edition.  However, I've yet to come across a bookstore who doesn't carry it.  I've also seen it in some random places like Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Store.


  1. I'll have to rifle through my collection to find this one, Emily! J x

  2. I love her illustrations, too! Well, truth is I didn't know here by name. Once I googled her I KNEW! Yes, I too adored her illustrations when I was young and had several of her books. I only have two in my possession, my favorites: My Little Golden Book About God and My Teddy Bear.