Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Thank goodness we've had two rainy, fall days!  You know the kind: where you wish you could snuggle in bed all morning long, especially after you look into the misty, rainy, leaf dropping day.

Have you read Umbrella by Taro Yashima?  It's wonderful!  It's about a Japanese girl named Momo ("the peach") living in New York City who receives rubber boots and an umbrella for her third birthday.  Momo longs for a rainy day . . . a rainy day where she can wear her rubber boots and use her umbrella.  Yashima's rhythmic use of language echos the "bon polo" (pitter-patter) of raindrops falling on an umbrella, making the textual imagery a bit musical to read aloud.  The illustrations also evoke the look of falling rain in its composition.  In addition, Japanese characters and their definitions are sprinkled throughout the text.  So read this one aloud, and then help your children unveil the riddle at the end!

Also of noteworthy mention, Yashima's Umbrella was a 1959 Caldecott Honor Winner.


  1. I have been reading this book to the children in my class for many years.Why does this precious story always evoke such emotion from me when I read the last page?

  2. A friend gave me your link via facebook. . .

    I love your suggestions!

    Some of these are already favorites, but I see a bunch that we are going to looking for at our library very soon!

    Thanks for all of the hard work going into this blog.

    Blessings -


  3. Thanks so much for your kind comments!