Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don Freeman

We all know author and illustrator Don Freeman best by his iconic, beloved, green-overalled, button-less bear, Corduroy.  How many times have you read this favorite to your children?  It's a classic!  Now, let me recommend a few more Freeman titles to give you a break from reading Corduroy.

Since it's fall, start out with Earl the Squirrel. Earl's mother tells him that it's "high time you went out and learned how to find acorns on your own."  Find out how Earl acquires his bright red scarf, the only color that vibrates through Freeman's black-and-white scratchboard illustrations.  Then join Earl on his adventurous quest to forage acorns for the winter. 

My friend Tarin recommended our very favorite Freeman book Dandelion.  The charming, lovable lion receives an invitation to a birthday party and decides to spiffy himself up before arrival.  This delightful story uses humor to teach the timeless lesson "just be yourself."  We had to go out and purchase this one!

And then there's Mop Top.  Oh where to begin with Mop Top . . . first I'd have to stop howling with laughter.  We've all known a mop top, and I for one think that I'd like to save this for the tween / teen years when I can start handing it out.  Laughter aside, this is a witty story about a little boy who never wants to have his hair cut.

So readers, please, please share your comments on your favorite Don Freeman book!

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  1. You could also try another Cordoroy adventure. In "A Pocket for Cordoroy", Cordoroy spends the night in a department store and gets into some mischief as he searches for his very own pocket! It's my favorite Don Freeman book!