Friday, October 29, 2010

Pat Hutchins

Pat Hutchins is another fantastic British author / illustrator that you must read.  Today, I'm just featuring two of her books.

From the moment you open up The Wind Blew, Hutchins' illustrations transport you to a "blustery windy day" as my eldest describes.  Even as you gloss past the title and copyright pages, trees bend as the wind carries leaves and seed pods.  Discover what else the wind snatches from people along its windswept path set against the backdrop of an English countryside with a few recognizable British landmarks.  Through her rhyming verse, Hutchins delightfully personifies wind as a mischievous, good-natured prankster, making this quite a captivating story.

In Good-Night, Owl!, nocturnal Owl tries to sleep but is thwarted.  Count along as the narrator names the hindrances to that rest.  This book onomatopoeically articulates the wonderful sounds of woodland tree dwellers through repetition, employing wonderful learning tools for the younger set.  But best of all your children will enjoy the humorous unexpected ending so much that they'll insist you immediately read it again.  Mine belly-laughed out loud!  Note: the title is a bit of a misnomer . . . tongue-in-cheek I'm sure.  The kids might not pick up on that, though.

Readers, what is your favorite Pat Hutchins story?

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