Friday, March 25, 2011

Paul Galdone wrap-up

Let's recap Read Me A Story's featured Paul Galdone titles (click on cover jacket to read more about that specific title):

Want to know more about Paul Galdone?  Here's a start:
  • birthplace ~ Budapest, Hungary, sources differ on the actual date of birth, reporting both 1907 and 1914
  • immigration ~ with his family to the United Sates at 14 years old
  • schooling ~  Art Student's League and New York School of Industrial Design
  • work experience ~ busboy, electrician's helper, fur dyer, book jacket designer at Doubleday art department, four year stint in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, freelance designer/illustrator, children's book illustrator
  • death ~ 1986, at which he had illustrated nearly 200 books, illustrating an average of six children's books a year from 1951 - 1986
  • medium of choice ~ pen-and-watercolor in conjunction with black-and-white sketches
  • illustrations ~ meticulously researched settings; carefully examined plants and animals; reflected small attention to detail and bold colors so beloved to children;  often depicted the meadows, streams, gardens, orchards, and woodlands on and around his farm in Vermont; inspired by the masters Rembrandt, Goya, Hogarth, and Daumier

Now, for the winner of The Little Red Hen . . . congratulations to Sara!!!  Check out Sara's blog:   Be on the lookout next week when I'll host another give away for the older children in your family.

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