Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Never Talk to Strangers

I discovered Never Talk to Strangers (c. 1967) by Irma Joyce and illustrated by George Buckett on my friend Jane's bookshelf.  Now folks, here's a clever, nonthreatening way to introduce "stranger danger" to your young ones!  Did I mention just how winning Buckett's whimsical illustrations are?!

Joyce immediately grabs her young audience's attention with her humorous rhymes, for example:
          If you're mailing a letter to Aunt Lucille,
          And you see a car with a whale at the wheel,
          Stay away from him and his automobile,
                Never talk to strangers.

So while the kids roll with laughter (literally) at Joyce's silly rhymes, they learn and remember the principles behind the humor: welcome friends, but never talk to strangers.

Well done, Joyce and Buckett!  I'm now on a hunt for a copy of our own!

Another "stranger danger" recommendation:

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  1. That does sound really cute! And those helpful rhymes could get stuck in their head, which would be a good thing :) XOL