Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black History Month

I feel a bit like I'm playing catch up.  I've checked out many, many books from our local library, celebrating Black History Month . . . which was in February . . . and now it's March.  I'd say I'm behind!  Allow me to share with you the three books that continue to draw me back:

Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges herself was perhaps the most moving of all three titles because it gave the most heart-wrenching account of the days of the Civil Rights Movement.  It took me several days before my mind would rest from what I read of Ruby Bridges' (and her teacher, Mrs. Barbara Henry) story.  The suggested ages for this title are 8-12.

David A. Adler is renown for his biographies for children for a reason.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., proves no exception.  I especially liked illustrator Colin Bootman's interpretation of the historic events retold in this book.  From the Holiday House Reader, this level 2 volume is suggested for ages 4-8.
The review on the inside dust jacket of Rosa Parks best describes the book: "David A. Adler's Picture Book Biographies have been hailed as an 'expert mixture of facts and personality' (School Library Journal)."  Rosa Parks is suggested for grades K through 4th.

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