Sunday, November 20, 2011

a Pumpkin Moonshine update:

Even though Halloween has passed.  I just have to share this sweet little book by Tasha Tudor with you once again.  You know, we all need our memories refreshed from time to time.  And this little book remains an old friend.  Just as good friends don't neglect each other, the dust jacket of Pumpkin Moonshine (c. 1938, renewed 1966) evidences love worn as its story becomes a familiar one.  I don't think of it so much as a Halloween story as a late fall, November story. AND it's still in print!

So begins Tudor's charm: 

Sylvie Ann was visiting her Grandmummy in Connecticut.  It was Hallowe'en and Sylvie wanted to make a Pumpkin Moonshine, so she put on her bonnet and started out for the cornfield to find the very finest and largest pumpkin.

When they reached the field, Sylvie looked among the shocks of corn for the very fattest pumpkin.  Way across the field she found such a fine one!
Be sure to check out this delightful tale to discover what happens between the previous illustration and the following illustration.  Of course, you'll want to read the ending too!

But worst of all it bumped right into Mr. Hemmelskamp who was carrying a pail full of whitewash!


  1. Hi Emily, this looks lovely, kind of reminds me of Beatrix Potter. I wonder if I could ask a favour of you? I have been trying to locate a book that I got out of the library a few years ago. The library staff didn't seem to recall it, and I have beenfrantically searching the internet ever since, to no avail. I am afraid I can't tell you what it's called or who it's by (good start!)It is by a Scandinavian author and is a collection of Christmas short stories. The illustrations are what makes it, they are delightul. The santas are not like ours, but dressed in duller reds,big full cloaks and lovely pointy feet. Sorry this is very vague, but I thought if anyone might know it would be you!If you think you know what I'm talking about could you let me know. If you think I'm a raving lunatic, ignore me! Many thanks, Linda x

  2. I'm on the hunt! Readers, any suggestions?