Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homer Price

There are some authors that you wish had written more because you're desperate to read more of their work.  Robert McCloskey remains one of those author-illustrators for many of us.

Homer Price (c. 19) keeps us howling in its series of tall tales.  The first chapter begins the hilarity with an unassuming skunk who, along with Homer Price, saves the day when capturing notorious robbers on the run.

Fortunately for those who love Homer Price, McCloskey has a follow up chapter books: Centerburg Tales (c. 19).

I quite frequently receive requests for titles for boys.  I haven't met a fella (or a girl) yet who didn't enjoy the antics of Homer Price.


  1. Ah ha! You made me google him to see what else I'd recognize - Make Way For Ducklings. Of course! I don't know this particular book, but I'm totally in with that cover. I completely relate to eating all the doughnuts that come off the line :)

  2. Thanks again for this tip. I'll see if I can "sell" it to the boys.