Sunday, October 9, 2011

Over in the Meadow

I have another folk-song turned into book for you today.  John Langstaff's retelling of Over in the Meadow (c. 1957) begs to be checked out due to Feodor Rojankovsky's gorgeous, lifelike illustrations.   In fact, I was going to scan more illustrations to share with you.  However, here's the problem: I can't decide which ones to share.  So you'll have to content yourself with the cover jacket until you're able to check this beauty out of your local library.

Since you're familiar with this old counting song, I'll only include the first stanza to jog your memory:
              Over in the meadow in the sand in the sun
              Lived an old mother turtle and her little turtle one.
              "Dig," said the mother, "I did," said the one;
              So he dug and was glad in the sand in the sun. 

Once you check out Over in the Meadow, you'll want to see more of Rojankovsky's illustrations.  I recommend the 1956 Caldecott Award Winning  Frog Went A-Courtin', a familiar Southern Appalachian ballad, originally written over four-hundred years ago in Scotland.

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