Monday, October 17, 2011

Oliver Finds His Way

Here's a sweet little book about loosing one's way and using one's intuition to figure out how to reunite with Daddy and Mama.  Phyllis Root wrote and Christopher Denise illustrated the cozy family read Oliver Finds His Way (c. 2002).  It's set against the heartwarming backdrop of fall foliage, perfected with pastels and charcoal on paper.  I hope to see more from this illustrator!  Be sure to look for the yellow Maple leaf in each spread.

 October 19, 2011
Dear friends,
The Mister just made me aware of more titles from this delightful illustrator Christopher Denise.  Be sure to check out this website: with that information.  I should have recognized him from my Redwall fans, with a shout-out to Hudson Lewis!


  1. This looks like such a sweet, innocent book. I love the illustration on the cover as if to say, 'Yoo Hoo!'. How I wish I had such talent to bring my mental images to paper :) XOL

  2. Thank you for your wonderful review! Oliver remains a personal favorite of mine as well. More bears are on the way in 2014 and please visit my new website for new galleries of artwork.