Thursday, October 13, 2011

Harvest Home


Harvest Home
by Arthur Guiterman

                   The maples flare among the spruces,
                   The bursting foxgrape spills its juices,
                   The gentians lift their sapphire fringes
                   On roadways rich with golden tenges,
                   The waddling woodchucks fill their hampers,
                   The deer mouse runs, the chipmunk scampers,
                   The squirrels scurry, never stopping,
                   For all they hear is apples dropping
                   And walnuts plumping fast and faster;
                   The bee weighs down the purple aster --
                   Yes, hive your honey, little hummer,
                   The woods are waving, "Farewell, Summer."

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  1. Hi, Emily. You may not remember me, but as a fellow English major I feel sure you will--the details are everything. My name is Leah Thomas, but you knew me in fourth grade at CFCA as Leah Dean. I found you through a Google search (you had posted your full name on someone else's blog.) I had always wondered what became of my "bosom friend" from elementary school.

    I love the concept of your blog. So Kathleen Kelly. My husband of two years and I haven't been blessed with children yet, but I've already collected several picture books for my future little ones. I can't wait to look through the wonderful collection you've amassed here.