Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are You My Mother?

Well, one of the children just surprised me by beginning Are You My Mother? (c. 1960) by P. D. Eastman.  If your child is learning how to read, I encourage you to check out P. D. Eastman's books.  They're quite a hit!  In this particular story, a baby bird searches for his mother, interviewing the animals or machinery with whom he comes into contact.  As his selections become odder and odder, the kids laugh harder and harder.  Will baby bird ever find his mother?

P. D. Eastman is right up there with Dr. Seuss as far as I'm concerned.  His sense of humor strikes just the right chord with the I Can Read age group.  And he doesn't get mundane.  In fact, it's a trip down memory lane reading (or listening) to these universally favorite reads.

Recently, we borrowed Robert the Rose Horse (c. 1962) from our friends over at My Two Sons.  Let me just tell you, this little story brings the house down with laughter!  And everyone especially loves the surprise ending.  However, it introduced a whole new problem.  Yep, it's an I can't live without it favorite.  So her kids moped about while we enjoyed it, and my kids moped about after we gave it back.  Thank goodness Nana came to the rescue with Are You My Mother?  So you know what I'm now on the look out for . . . more P. D. Eastman books!


  1. As "Nana" to six and a retired librarian, I want to award you a "10" for this wonderful blog-site of children's literature. My young boys cut their teeth on the I Can Read series back in the late sixties. "Are You My Mother" was a favorite, but we missed "Robert the Rose Horse". Reading your reviews over the past several months has inspired me to order many of your selections for my grandchildren. Thank You, Marty Charbonneau !

  2. Thank you so much! I'm tickled when others can benefit from our family's enjoyment!

  3. So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I'm always on the lookout for books for my five-year-old boy. Thanks for the great reviews