Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh My Baby, Little One

 This particular book is absolutely beautiful! To say Jane Dyer's illustrations are wonderful is an understatement.  Dyer gives us cozy watercolors that parallel the experience of cuddling up with a blankie . . . thumb or pacie in place.  Likewise, Kathi Appelt's gentle rhyming text lulls the reader and listener into a rhythm of comfort.  My youngest would have me re-read this gem nightly . . . and I would gladly accommodate!  Would you like a glimpse into the opening?

Oh my baby, little one,
the hardest thing I do
is hold you tight, then let you go,
and walk away from you.

But even when I'm far away,
this love I have will stay
and wrap itself around you
every minute of the day.

You can sense that Oh My Baby, Little One (c. 2000) connects best with the pre-kinder ages.  Be sure to look for that elusive heart on each page spread . . . further illuminating the text.  Oh, and grab a tissue for yourself before you settle in to read.

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  1. I had to grab a tissue just reading your post!
    Thanks for pointing out this book. I'm going to get it.