Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Berenstain Bears Go to School

 Okay, folks, a back-to-school reading list would be incomplete without including The Berenstain Bears Go to School (c.1978).  Call it nostalgia or good karma, either way this book makes any child want to race through those kindergarten doors.  Take it from me, once a painfully shy, Wemberly worrier, first-day-of-school stomach-somersaults child . . . this book changes everything!  It's classic Stan & Jan Berenstain at their best:

Let me be so bold as to add that this is their best in The Berestain Bears series.  Who wouldn't want to begin kindergarten in this classroom with Miss Honeybear?

Sign me up!  Now don't you wish that you were starting your first day in kindergarten?!

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