Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Bluebell Fairy

You can see where Cecily Mary Barker derived her inspiration for the Bluebell Fairy in Laura's English woodland photographs at On A Bluebell Quest.  Isn't it breathtaking?!

The Song of the Bluebell Fairy
by Cecily Mary Barker

My hundred thousand bells of blue,
    The splendour of the Spring,
They carpet all the woods anew
With royalty of sapphire hue;
The Primrose is the Queen, 'tis true.
     But surely I am King!
              Ah yes,
     The peerless Woodland King!

Loud, loud the thrushes sing their song;
    The bluebell woods are wide;
My stems are tall and straight and strong;
From ugly streets the children throng,
They gather armfulls, great and long,
     Then home they troop in pride --
             Ah yes,
     With laughter and with pride!

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  1. Oh, Emily, Miss India is *obsessed* about Cecily Mary Barker. She's worshipped on Planet Baby! J x