Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Toot and Puddle

So the Toot and Puddle books by Holly Hobbie have been all the rave around here lately!  We've read just about all of them.  These are the ones we like best:

Toot & Puddle
Charming Opal
On Top of the World
A Present for Toot
Puddle's ABC
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Let It Snow

 My husband is wild about the watercolor illustrations!  And since design is what he does to put bread on the table, well, I figure he must know.  As for me, I think the illustrations and stories are delightful and cozy.  I don't know what a book has to do to be "cozy," but these books would certainly fall into that category.  They're perfect bedtime, naptime, or rainy day reading because they just make you want to curl up and have some sweet dreaming.  It's true!  Plus, the characters have a strong friendship; so much so, that my daughter wants a "Toot" and a "Puddle" and an "Opal" in her life.  Right now, we're stand ins.

I'm including a quick synopsis of each story:
  • Toot & Puddle -- Toot loves to travel and sends his homebody friend postcards of his adventures.
  • Charming Opal -- Puddle's cousin comes to visit.  She has a loose tooth.
  • On Top of the World -- Toot AND Puddle's adventure.
  • A Present for Toot -- Puddle looks for the perfect present for Toot's birthday.
  • Puddle's ABC -- Puddle teaches Otto turtle the ABCs.
  • I'll Be Home for Christmas -- Toot is stranded.  Will he get home in time for Christmas?
  • Let It Snow -- Puddle and Toot try to figure out what to make the other for a Christmas gift.
  • The New Friend -- Opal's friend can do everything well.  Or can she?
  • You are my Sunshine -- Pouting Toot
  • Wish You Were Here -- (waiting to check out)
  • The One and Only -- (not in our library)

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