Saturday, September 11, 2010

more Holly Hobbie

We're still on our Toot & Puddle stint.  And now the girls are smitten by Fanny and Fanny & Annabelle, another recent series by Holly Hobbie.
What I love about Fanny is that she is a little girl trying to find her place among her "cool" friends.  It starts out when Fanny wants a doll, so she uses her creativity to make her very own doll, Annabelle.  When Fanny takes Annabelle to play at her friend's house, her friends ridicule Annabelle in favor of their "Connie" dolls.  Fanny then wrestles with her love for Annabelle and her desire to be accepted by her friends.  Who hasn't had these feelings before?

This book is for you too, parents!  Fanny brings out conversation starters for the topics of friendship, loyalty, problem solving, the rewards of hard work, etc.  My eldest daughter was fascinated by the way Fanny sews her own doll.  She's now asking for a sewing machine of her own.  Hmmm, maybe when she turns eight?

Next in the series is Fanny & Annabelle where Fanny returns, exercising her creativity by writing her own story.  Annabelle stars in Fanny's adventure story, which turns out to be another great lesson in doing the "right thing."  I especially like how Holly Hobbie displays Fanny's creativity through her watercolor artwork in both books.  The girls have requested the books as Christmas gifts.  I think we can accommodate!

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