Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Do you know what I remember most about The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary (c. 1965)?  What I remember most is my prim, fourth grade teacher reading a chapter to us each afternoon.  What do I mean by prim?  Think navy orthopedic shoes and a wad of kleenex tucked into a sleeve, belt, pocket, or whatever most convenient spot for retrieval.  I never saw her smile except when she read to us.  Here we were a bunch of fourth graders stinking to-high-heaven of recess.  But she had our undivided attention for that whole chapter.  And what was most surprising to me was how reading this story completely transformed her from the prim, stodgy school-marm into a warm person with emotion and feeling.  I was transfixed with that afternoon alteration.

So, I decided to check out The Mouse and the Motorcycle to read to my little brood.  It's shocking how I don't remember one thing about the story line!  However, it's an entertaining one!  In a tale stock full of mischief and adventure, discover the blossoming friendship between a mouse and a boy.

And tell me readers: was this a drive down memory-lane? or is it a new-to-me read for you?


  1. We've recently seen the movie of this book...and the girls love it. I'd bet they would like the book much better, though.

    I enjoyed your description of the teacher. (I never had one like that, but I laughed visualizing your experience.) :0)

  2. Hi Emily!
    Oh gosh, I loved this book when I was a kid! What a great one! Thanks for unearthing it from my memory!

    p.s. my in-laws just gave me $200 to use for buying books for my little Tess to get a nice library started for her. I'm going to be scouring your lovely blog to get ideas of what books to get!