Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Advice on HOW to become interested in Reading

Hi reading friends!  We are in for a treat today!  I have a guest post today that I'm quite excited to share with you because it is written by a young reader addressed to all the readers of ReadMeAStory.  So without further ado and with tremendous thanks to my guest:


Hi, I am an American living in England. I am going to tell you about reading through my life.  For a while I had no books that interested me, besides some of Mo Willems picture books. It wasn’t very long ago when I started reading a lot.

When I was younger, I read my first chapter book: Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. But it wasn’t long before I grew out of those.

Then, for my birthday I received a package from my best friend who lives in the USA. I opened the package. It was some Horrid Henry chapter books by Francesca Simon. I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed.

I started to read a little bit of the chapter… then some more… then the next chapter… then the next…then the next… then before I knew it, I had finished the book! It was a very good and funny book. I had a few more Horrid Henry books left to read…

Now I have bought 2 more Horrid Henry books, and even got one signed by the author when I saw her talking about her new book. I’ve now seen the movie, checked out most of the series from the library, and have read all of the ones I own about 100000000000000 times.

Now that I like to read, I have read lots of other series. Now, my favorite books are the Stardust series by Linda Chapman and still the Horrid Henry books.

I read chapter books in order, which encourages me to read the next one. I like to imagine myself in scenes or being the character.

I would say if you don’t like reading, don’t give up and keep reading books to find the right one. If you are lucky, it will be in a series so there will be many to read.


  1. I love it! Thank you for giving Little G the opportunity to write this. We are big fans of your blog :)

  2. My son is a very reluctant reader, I am going to get him some of these!


  3. My daughter LOVES Horrid Henry. Her Granny has bought her a few for Birthdays and Christmas. She has brought them to school and now even her teacher is a fan!

  4. I have two boys, one loves to read and one is just not interested at all! Think I need to take him to the local library for some inspiration. Horrid Henry sounds like fun!

  5. Oh Emily, what a gorgeous post! Thanks so much for lining it to the POTMC. I haven't commented here for ages but please know I read, and love, every single post. J x

  6. what a lovely post, thanks for sharing. I just recently read The Faraway Tree to my class and WE all loved it! Horrid Henry though, he is too naughty for me...I keep thinking he is giving everyone lots of ideas of how to cause trouble. :)