Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Relatives Came

Summer is here!  And I know of no better way to begin those summer reading programs than with Cynthia Rylant's story The Realatives Came, with Caldecott honorable illustrations by Stephen Gammell (c. 1993).  Folks, this story is one of our very favorites!!!

Ah!  I just love reading this story!  It doesn't even bother me to read it again and again.  And the illustrations!  Well, you're bound to laugh at some point.  I think that no matter your experience, Rylant's story will have at least one page you identify with.

And that's my summer challenge to you, dear readers: take time to check out The Relatives Came and comment, sharing with us a reading moment where you felt connected to a description in Rylant's story.

Here's one of my favorite moments:

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  1. Just reading this post and seeing the illustrations connected me right away!
    Because we live in cottage country, relatives and friends visit us all the time. The loaded down car looks just like my daughter arriving with all her baby "stuff" and SIL fishing gear. And our entrance way is so small, it's always a crowd scene and much like a group hug when folks arrive.
    Can't wait to get a copy and read the whole book.

  2. As I look through your post, it makes me realize how much my kids have grown up since I first started following! Now we are on to Percy Jackson! Hope you are having a wonderful summer :)

  3. Oh Emily, this book looks delightful. I'm adding it to Planet Baby's wishlist. You always have the best recommendations. Thanks so much for joining the POTMC. J x