Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Fire Cat

Don't you just love stories where a naughty protagonist is taken in by a loving individual who nutures the little tyke with care and sound discernment.  That's just the story Esther Averill presents in The Fire Cat (c. 1960).  Averill weaves together a beautiful story of second chances, adoption, and dreams fulfilled.

Her three chapters of pure delight resonates among children and the child within.  Poor Pickles the cat is so aptly named for he's always getting himself into a pickle.  And who could resist a rescuing character named Mrs. Goodkind?  The rescuing theme continues throughout the book with the firemen and with . . . well, I can't give anything away, can I? 

A story beloved by many generations, The Fire Cat remains one of those books that evokes warmth and security by a mere glance of the cover.


  1. Oh dear -- I've just discovered your blog and saw this book, which brings back very fond memories.

    My grandmother inexhaustibly personalized all of her cats, several of which were Siamese. We well remember "Michelly the Fire Cat" -- her extraordinarily willful and beloved and wicked Siamese.

    And we all loved this particular book. What A Bad Cat Pickles Was! We aspired to be like him.

    Thanks for blogging,


  2. I've just started fostering a "worst kitty in the world" and it made me remember Pickles. I went searching on Google for the Fire House cat and found your blog. What a great memory and a great book. (Now I will have to buy this book for my grandson.)

    It reminds me that there is hope for the "worst kitty in the world". :)

    Thank you for the post!

  3. I've never heard of The Fire Cat. I would love to go back and read all the childrens books I was never exposed to. That would be fun.