Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beatrix Potter's Spring

from The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly-Poly Pudding

For me, different seasons inspire different books.  Perhaps you're the same way?  So when springtime finally rolls around with buds bursting forth from tree and ground and with birds rejoicing in their melodious sounds, I pull out Beatrix Potter.  Her illustrations celebrate all that's natural, whether flora or fauna.  Truth be told, her accurate drawings satisfy the studied botanist.

First let's start with a little spring cleaning.  For that we'll have to call upon Mrs. Tittlemouse.  Dear Mrs. Tittlemouse was left with quite a mess when Mr. Jackson came to visit . . . uninvited, I might add.  He left puddles of water on her floor and honey throughout her corridor.  Fortunately, he solved the sticky bee situation.  And after a good night's rest, Mrs. Tittlemouse went straight into a two-week spring cleaning:

One to reward herself, Mrs. Tittlemouse then gave a party:

Next, let's enjoy a peaceful spring rain with Timmy Willy!  Timmy Willy loved his home in the country.  However, one day his curiosity and exploration of a vegetable basket led him into the uncharted territory of city life, with Johnny Town-mouse acting as his gracious host.  After soon growing homesick, Timmy Willy returned to his beloved cottage.

Do you recognize Potter's spin of the classic tale a town mouse and a country mouse in The Tale of Johnny Town Mouse?

To conclude our spring ramble through Beatrix Potter's tales, let's waddle on down the rain-soaked lane with Jemima Puddle-Duck.  Poor Jemima!  Of all Potter's characters, she is the daftest.  In seeking the perfect spot to nest, she places her trust in sly Mr. Tod.  However, I just love the illustrations, especially this setting in the foxgloves!

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  1. {Sigh} I really wasn't going to read any more of your posts - I have work to do, you know :) But your sidebar of books has totally sucked me in!

    Love love all of her little illustrations, and I love the triumphant story about Beatrix Potter.

    I was really disappointed in the recent movie about her - it focused on her love life, but there were so many more extraordinary things about her that was the real story. Crazy talented, that brilliant lady XOL