Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year! . . .

Welcome to the year of the Rabbit!  Yes, today is the Chinese New Year.  Well, actually, last night was the Chinese New Year since we in the western hemisphere are a day behind.  The kids around my house cheer in the Chinese New Year for their Uncle Steven who has been living in China these past 5 1/2 years.  To celebrate, we read Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin and My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz  (and Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel).  These two books cater to very young readers.  Both present very simple introductions to the basic Chinese customs and traditions for hailing in the new year (and authors' notes with further details).  So if you're interested in discovering more about the Chinese New Year, these two books provide a good starting point.


  1. Gong Hey Fat Choy! I had completely forgotten the Tikki Tikki Tembo story. It was read to me when I was a child. I'll be adding that book to my "Grand" library. Thanks for the memory jog!

  2. Love the rhythm of Tikki - I could never write that way - no sa rembo, chari bari... My daughter's birthday is right around the Chinese New Year - so always a happy time for us. And year of the cutie-wootie-bunny, as she would say.

  3. I'll pop to the library and see if they have these in. My girls love a celebration, so if we can add a new one, they'll be so happy! Lx