Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Growing Story

So the pants that were supposed to last my children through winter are quickly crawling up into that "my momma hasn't noticed me in weeks" area.  Yep, I'm not quite sure how they're protecting the ankles from the cold at this point.  Thank goodness for knee-length socks and the warmer temps.  We've all been caught in this situation, right?  However, the kids don't mind.  In fact, they relish the disconcertion etched in my face as I watch them grow in leaps before my very eyes.

So reading them The Growing Story made them a little giddy in comparing the boy's story to their own.  As the publishers, Harper Collins, so aptly describe: "This Ruth Krauss classic enchanted young readers when it was first published in 1947.  Now it blooms again with lush illustrations by one of the world's best-loved illustrators: Helen Oxenbury."  As the boy watches his puppy and his chicks grow while the seasons change, he's discouraged that he doesn't see his own growth as evidently.  That is, until the clever ending.

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