Thursday, March 14, 2013

Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse

Nellie Sue gives a whole new understanding to the term cowgirl, a cowgirl with imagination that is!  As Nellie Sue's birthday quickly approaches, she requests for the one gift every cowgirl needs most  . . .  a horse.

From the fanciful illustrator Lynne Avril, who illustrated the recent child Amelia Bedelia books, and author Rebecca Janni (c. 2010) comes a round-em-up story sure to entertain -- Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse!

Around here, these are the new favorites.  Does it help that I'm giving my best Texas drawl while reading? All I know is that the girls now want cowgirl outfits, and they're playing "cowgirls" at recess, "galloping about on their horses."

Once you get tired of the first book be sure to check out the follow ups:

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