Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Quiet Place

The eldest checked out a new book, which was entitled The Quiet Place (c. 2012) by Sarah Stewart with pictures by David Small.  What ended up surprising me most was discovering I couldn't get through it without choking up!
              "Momma, why are you crying?"
              "Because . . . this story . . . is just . . . so . . . moving!"

What are the publishers saying about it?
When Isabel and her family move to the United States, Isabel misses all the things she left behind in Mexico, especially her Aunt Lupita and the sound of people speaking Spanish.  But she also experiences some wonderful new things -- her first snowstorm and a teacher who always greets her with a big smile.  Even better, Papa and her brother, Chavo, help her turn a large box into her own quiet place, where she keeps her books and toys and writes letters to Aunt Lupita.  As she decorates and adds more and more boxes to her quiet place, it is here that Isabel feels most at home in her new country while she learns to adapt to the changes in her life.

Set in the 1950s and told through Isabel's letters to her aunt, this story of immigration and assimilation will win the hearts of readers.  The husband-and-wife team of Sarah Stewart and Caldecott Medalist David Small has once again created an utterly charming and unforgettable young heroine.

And once we finished the book, the child said:
               "That was a really cool story, Mom!"

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