Monday, October 22, 2012


Autumn brings falling leaves and falling nuts.  And falling nuts bring those scampering squirrels.  Kids just love scampering squirrels, and here's a book chock full of them: Squirrels by Brian Wildsmith (c. 1974). 

The kids and I just love this book!  Sigh!  What I especially like about it is Wildsmith's illustrations - perfect to enjoy at this time of year.  Just check out those bushy tales for yourself.


  1. Looks like a delightful book! I just read in a local magazine that 'service dogs' are going around to schools to help kids read. Kids who don't like to read can have the dog sit with them, and they will read to the dog. Good idea, no?

  2. Since our move, I have been so busy, so had no time to visit blogs the way I did, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm glad that your blog isn't going anywhere so when it's time to do the book room I can come here to find inspiration which one we haven't read, thanks! Maureen