Wednesday, April 25, 2012


First I want to say that I did not pick this book.

No.  The fancy lovin' child picked it out.

And I was quite skeptical!

So take note:  Shoe-la-la! (c. 2011) by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by LeUyen Pham made it to Read Me A Story!

Let me tell you why . . .
. . . the-child-who-picked-it sat down and read it to the youngest as soon as we got home.

To any ordinary blog reader, this is of little consequence.  However, I had to "beg, borrow, and steal" to hear my child read.  So when the-child-who-would-not-read was transported into the-child-that-actually-can-read through proof of this book . . . well I knew it was a keeper.

Think of Dr. Seussish rhyming rhythms:

Shoes with zippers,
Shoes with straps,
Shoes with buckles,
Shoes with taps.

 collaborated with a love for all that's fancy and frilly:

It's difficult to see here, but the street-post reads Hightop and Oxford.

and you have Shoe-la-la!  Enjoy!

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