Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day

Okay, okay, okay . . . finally, here are my much requested Valentine's Day reads.  Stick with me the next three days as you visit the library.

I particularly like this simplistic story, briefly outlining the tradition of Valentine's Day.  But what I really like is how Miriam Nerlove sticks to age-appropriate explanations for Valentine's Day without making it a mushy love fest.  What do I mean?  Well, her characters make Valentine's for their parents, siblings, and friends.  Isn't that beautiful!  I mean really, can't I be first in my kids' hearts . . . well . . . forever?!  I'm kidding . . . well, just a little bit.

Anyway, what mom could resist a book where the Daddy comes home on Valentine's Day with flowers and a hug for Mommy and then swings his daughter in the air, saying "You're my special valentine."  Folks, while we're imprinting their young minds, let's pick the books that say "Daddy and Mommy love each other and love you."  What could be a better Valentine's Day message than that?

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